Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pleased to Meet You!

Hello Dears!
I never know where to start with blogs so I just thought I'd do a bit of an opening post for the it. My name is Ophelia. I love purple, ruffles, lace, shiny things, cameos, art, literature, music, piano, Zombi (My kitten), and I find great sport in convincing horses to go over jumps that they could just as easily go around.
I'm a Hunter/Jumper. I've only been riding for three years but I plan on making a career out of it when I reach that point in my life. I don't own a horse either, that's another thing I wish to someday do...
This is a more personal blog that I plan to run parallel with the blog I use on my website
That's it for now anyway, more fun posts up ahead.