Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Goth Challenge: Day 7

This (should) be my last post for the next week or so. I have just a small bit of time left to finish homework before school starts. And then I have to complete forms and essays and stuff for a school I'm applying to. I can't believe the summer went so fast!
Anyway day seven,
Ten of your favorite goth bands. 

Siouxsie and the Banshees: "Godmother of goth" I had a...very slight... obsession with the band after I spent months with only "Face to Face" on my player. Still love that song. But The Passenger is my favorite and one of my all time favorite songs that I go back to when I'm feeling down. I also recommend Carousel, Candyman, Cities in Dust, Peek-A-Boo, Spellbound, Christine...all the rest? Yeah? Okay.

I:Scintilla: My... reoccurring obsession? This is another band where I could say I love just about every song. Lovely lyrics, strong beat. My favorites include Face the Kill, The Bells, Cursive Eye, Capsella Bursa Pastoris and Salt of Stones. Fun music to hop on your bed and dance to when no one is watching in my opinion. =P

Emilie Autumn: Great music, both lyrical and instrumental, great poetry. Syringe is one of my favorites along with Manic Depression, Strange Device, The Art of Suicide, ect. She had a concert in my state in February and I couldn't go. I didn't meet the age requirement. How suckish is that? Heard the concerts are amazing. x.x

The Dresden Dolls: The first song I heard from them was Coin Operated Boy. It also has a great music video. It is currently the band I use to not freak out on the way to my riding lessons. This is also one of the few bands that my mother likes and will not complain about having to listen to in the car. Favorites include Sex Changes, Coin Operated Boy, Girl Anachronism, Night Reconnaissance, and a few others. 

Hannah Fury: I love the haunting melodies and vocals. I am fond of most of her songs but my favorites include Carousel, The Necklace Marie Antoinette and Let it Show. This song and after my list gets a bit mixed up as far as in order of favorites. It took me forever to get her music on my player. I'd listen to songs and then forget.

The Cruxshadows: A few months ago I got a few more more CDs by them as well as a few other bands. I didn't, however, listen to the songs because I was more preoccupied with the songs from the other bands. I just recently stumbled across the song in the video "A Stranger Moment" whilst having my player on random as I cleaned. I absolutely adore this song. My other favorites include Sophia, Winterborn, Memorare, Elissa, ect.

The Sisters of Mercy: More hauntish vocals. Been fond of them for a while. One of the bands my father doesn't complain about. Favorites include Lucretia, My Reflection, This Corrosion, Dominion, ect... I'm running out of things to say on these little paragraphs. x.x How many times can I say "Love them" in one post before my computer bursts into flames?

Bauhaus: Classic, love them. Good? Good. There is a few classics on my list. Another band my father doesn't complain about. Favorite songs are Honeymoon Croon, Bela Lugosi's Dead (Oooh, surprising... ), Slice of Life (My First Favorite) and Who Killed Mr. Moonlight. You know that time when I got more Cruxshadows music and didn't listen to them all? It's a deja vu moment. 

Joy Division: The vocals in my opinion are very unique sounding. I didn't like them at first, the appreciation for their music came over time and after watching the movie Control. I actually have that movie on it's way to my house so I can watch it again. They are the final of the three bands my father will listen to without complaint. My favorites include Transmission, Love Will Tear us Apart Again, She in Parties and Shadowplay.

Faith and the Muse:  What can I say? I like haunting melodies and lyrics. The Chorus of The Furies is currently my favorite song. I have a few others but my writing brain is running out of steam. Sorry dears. Early morning.

On a final side note, it's awesome-tastic to have some followers. Even if it is like... five...

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