Saturday, September 15, 2012

Birthday Post!... but not mine...

I made this video forever ago, when it was my Amazon's birthday. One of her favorite songs to chatter to is Ultravioletfly by I:Scintilla. That is the song that is playing with this video. Ironically enough, I didn't alter the video's speed in anyway and she is playing to the beat of the song for the most part. This form of play is her favorite past time. She turned thirteen in July I believe.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Life Update

Actually, to be honest its more along the lines of "Gone Schooling" which I suppose in the right context could still be about riding, but these are not such correct contexts. I'm finally settling down into the new school year. If you're one of the rare people that have been following my personal blurbs I started going to Perpich. Which is an arts school. I get here at 7:30 and get picked up at 5:20. However, I've reached the point where I really will start rebuilding the blog, honestly this time. I have plenty of free time with the laptop in quiet moments of the school day. (For example now, since its during lunch.) You can expect the posts to start flowing again this week. Maybe. Also, now that my Lit Art class (I'm going to the art school for Literary Arts, we have a two hour class at the end of the day.) forces me to write a ridiculous amount, I've gotten out of my writers block. I have about ten half written blog posts in my drafts.

I hope everything has been going okay for everyone?

More Later,