Monday, August 22, 2011

Goth Challenge: Day 8, Among Other Things

It's not even the start of the school year yet and I'm already sick of homework. Well not quite. But I am almost done and thus decided to take a break from it today. I apologize ahead of time if this post seems a bit scattered and unfocused. I doubt I'll get to post for the next few days or the week depending on how much homework I do at one time.

Day 8: What's your worst and best experience with non-goths?
As I mentioned earlier, I've had this answer planned out for a while. My best and worse experiences are both very recent since it has only been recently that I've made my outfits more dramatic.
My best took place at the Farmer's Market and the surrounding stores. First I was complimented by a young woman who loved my outfit and had to know where I got my clothes because they were a style that she wore as well. And secondly I was complimented by these two elderly ladies who thought it was great that I was wearing what I like and not what was the norm.
My worst experience is continuous. It's with my father, ever time he rolls his eyes and doesn't want to go somewhere with me because of how I dress. Or every time he 'subtly' tells me to wear 'something normal.' And every time he encourages me to dress in a way that makes me happy and then goes "Seriously? You're wearing that? Why?"That is why the compliments I before mentioned mean so much to me.
But I have found the cure for confidence injured by family members to disapprove. Go to the mirror. Do you like how you look? Does it make you smile? Then you dress right.

Now that's answered, Last Weeks Riding Lesson:
It was amazing. I rode a horse named Yukon. He is very tall but has a very smooth stride. I sat his canter, which felt like a good feat despite the fact that he's ridiculously smooth. I also fully cantered my first course. Well, attempted to anyway. The point was that I was instructed to fully canter the course. It's nice to know that you are improving, you know?

Other Things:
To end my wall of text, I thought I'd add a picture to the start of my posts on whether it will be about the Goth world or the Horse world. Pictures are fun. =)
I've also been writing a list of topics as I think of them since I haven't been able to post as much. One of the things on my list is a "Poem/Writings of the Week (Day?)" type o' deal. Where I'd post a work of mine and you'd review it. I'm sure it'll be everything from cheesy sadness to a school project where you'd get a B. This is for a few reasons:
  • To improve my writing. 
  • A chance for me to hear some different opinions (Does that count as improving writing?)
  • I'm applying for an art school soon (for writing) and I know they require examples as a sort of an audition. I won't find out until after I send it my application about what exactly I'll need to send it but I'd like to have a few things on hand.
Would anyone be interested in that? I was also thinking of outfit posts... And online store reviews since I apparently know my way around fairly well. Or so I've been told. That is all for this messy post though.

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