Monday, March 26, 2012

Golden Hearts Giveaway Winners!!

Those who entered were put into's List Randomizer as many number of times as they had entered. I took the first person from the first randomized list and then the first person from the second randomized list for who got first choice and who got the remaining piece.

The first winner and the one to the right of first pick is... (Drum-roll please):
The lovely Green Fairy at aka If I Only Were a Goth aka "The Shiny Green Blog" if you follow my thought process.

The winner of the second list, thus the second winner yet still not second place is... (Again, it'd be helpful to have a drum-roll here):
Kitty Lovett; the Unadulterated Cat aka Bloggery of a Gothcat aka "The Blog of Cat Awesomeness".

Congratulations you guys! I'll need first pick's preference. You can just choose, or you two can work out who gets what, doesn't much matter to me. Then I'll also need your e-mail addresses then we can do addresses and measurements and such via web-mail. Just put the info in the comment section below the page, I'll delete your email addresses from the comments as soon as I get them.

Sorry for the lack of pictures, I'm on the laptop today with people working on the sprinklers and I'm being lazy. =P Thanks to all who entered, all the store name ideas, all the new followers and all the nice comments that made my days.

And one last thing, the two blogs above are awesome, read them if you don't already. (Who would've thought? Winners get free advertising too!)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Following the Month's Theme...

 Since I've been doing random bits of posts all month and the months almost over, I figured I'd just keep with it. The only real reason to this post is to remind everyone that my giveaway ends tomorrow. I was worried I'd have a whole three people participate, but I'm rather happy with how it's turned out. I'm still contemplating all the names for the Etsy store (Or if I should even start one) but I'll be using at least one of everyone's names as a title for a piece of jewelry.
I was also pleasantly surprised today when I stumbled across blogger to find that I had 32 followers. That's thirty-two people who went to the effort of pushing the "Follow" button in the corner so that I could tell myself I wasn't just writing to air. =3
I've been spending my day with red dye. When I was buying it, I got the darker red instead of the lighter because I didn't want it to seem pink or orange. However, this color looked a whole lot like pink after I rinsed it so I went back over it with another bit of dye. This is why red is not a color I particularly care for. Actually, it's because of a timed puzzle game I played when I was a child, but you don't need to know that.
 I'm still not having any luck re-homing my darling bird. Which isn't surprising as chicks are born in the spring and my bird is in her terrible two's and hormonal... She was cute today though, I kissed her head and she made a kissy sound against my hand as she tried to preen my invisible hand feathers. I've gotten her to stop throwing fits too, now she just says "hellohellohello (ect)" Its fairly warm so I'll probably give her a bath/shower today. I'll make sure to take pictures of her rolling around in the sink.
Other than that I've been reading the Stephanie Plum books recently. But wait, didn't you say you 
weren't going to read those anymore?! Yep; I also said they were highly amusing books. After my hit or miss week I figured I deserved to spend a few days laughing at someonelse's mistakes. Especially since I'll be spending my spring break watching strangers tear down my walls to install sprinklers in the house. (To bad they didn't do that before half the building burned down.)

Oh, and about the horse pictures: I've been contemplating mechanical horses lately. I'd share my thoughts, but I think I'll save it for a winded equine post later.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Whole Lot 'o Nothing

Source, I'm on a birdcage picture streak this week.
 My newest and most short-lived darling little parrot has taken to throwing temper tantrums when he's left to his own devices. He's been screaming for the past ten minutes and I first it was annoying, but now I'm curled up in the chair laughing. Can't say he isn't determined. I can't wait until he goes to a good home. Often I've thought of keeping him but after my father throws a fit because I took him out of the cage and he throws a fit for being back in it, I see that this can not work out.

Source. These pictures really have very little to do with the post content.
I've been reading the Stephanie Plum series, written by Janet Evanovich. In fact, that is mostly all I've been doing. On Thursday I started book one, and by noon today I had just opened book seven. I've heard they've just recently made a movie about the first book, but since I've little interest in the movie, I couldn't tell you much about it.
The main plot throughout the books are fairly straight forward, they are about a woman named Stephanie Plum who lives in New Jersey and, after loosing her job, went to work for her cousin as a bounty hunter. They remind me a bit of the Temperance Brennen series, which I've also been reading on and off, except that Stephanie doesn't get kidnapped in nearly every book. Throughout the books she meets all sorts of characters, and develops a knack for indirectly, and totally accidentally causing her and her friends cars to blow up, get stolen or get crushed. 
As far as the writing goes, I wouldn't put it next to Shakespeare, but I wouldn't set it by Twilight either. It's a bit mouthy and has a few sexual bits here and there; but not enough to keep my mother from recommending it to her teenage daughter. They are all about two hundred pages, so while I won't be reading them for a while, I highly recommend them for a quick book that is funny in an "Interrupt your class because you've discreetly been reading and have now burst out laughing" kind of way. Since I am very big on neutral faced reading at school, you can be sure that these books are absolutely hilarious.
She's written about two a year, there are eighteen and as far as I know she's still writing. The first books are very big on car phones. There are a few mini books here and there, but the main books start with "One for the Money" the second is "Two for the Dough" third "Three to get Deadly." The names go on like such, but they get lamer book four and out.

I won't rate it out of ten, because I get annoyed wasting days reading on end and will now avoid these books like the frosting-covered plague and give it low ratings. Back when I was reading them, I had a very different opinion. What can I say; I'm weird about books, but this was suppose to be a beaming review.  
Source. All well, I gave an effort.
 Other than that I've been looking at what jewelry inventory I have at the moment. I figured if I wanted to start an Etsy store this summer I'd actually need things to sell. But believe it or not, making things has been a long learning process that isn't anywhere near over which means some of my older things are not as lovely as other recent creations. I'm having one more local jewelry sale before I dive into Etsy. The local sale will be where I sell my less than clean-cut items to friends for dirt cheap ($1-$7), along with things I don't particularly want anymore, but don't feel the need to alter. Along with that I've been working on taking apart some jewelry that I'd love to redo with my newer set of skills.
This is along-side my ever waiting supply of parts that I have decided to puzzle together.
But more interesting, at this moment anyway, is that I've also indulged into teddy bears. Exploring the internet I have found that there aren't nearly enough interesting cuddly things for those of us who'd like to decorate their room without having to do the work to decorate the decor. Although I suppose I'm excluded for this group these days since I'd be doing the work for others.

There is only a week and a half or so until my giveaway closes. So make sure to get in on it. Remember, I'm not counting entries unless they are spoken for in a comment at the bottom of the page.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

When Plans Don't Happen

I had a lovely post planned out about my riding lately, but obviously I'm not posting it yet.
I thought I'd share whats been going on since I disappeared after starting my give-away.

Today I had an interview with the art school I'm trying to go to Junior/Senior year. It was the last step in the process and I think it went really well. However I'm trying to keep my hopes in check, there is about 150 places to fill in the school and people from all over the state apply. It's not working. It'll suck if I don't get in. But everyone was really nice. Even if my name was continuously pronounced wrong. My name is always pronounced wrong. It's one of the few reasons I started accepting the nick-name Phells once it started spreading.

In more negative news, my newest bird, the one who came to me as Gandy, then I called him Solomon, and then Numskull and lastly Gwydion is being re-homed. It was silly of me to get him in the first place with me going off to college soon. It's not fair to have him for two years and then disappear for 3-4 years at least. Still, despite my many reasons for re-homing, I absolutely adore this bird. We've had many offers since he could quite possibly be the only Nanday Conure for sale in this state. I think Nanday's are the most beautiful birds. He was my dream parrot and now he's going. Crushing.
Here's a picture, isn't he beautiful?

I was thinking of taking the money I get from him and putting it towards a cello. I've wanted to learn how to play for years, ever since I quit the viola. The prospect of playing the cello doesn't cheer me up though.

Here's a bunch a pictures I've taken for my photography class. I'm using them to try to save this post.
I'm on my fourth assignment. These are from my first and third.


Don't forget to try your luck in my give-away, I'll ship anywhere that will take the parcel.