Monday, August 15, 2011

Pets and Zoos itty bitty little comment about Zombi yesterday gave me the idea of a post about the animals I share my house with. Pictures too!
Well, on most of them. I'll start off with the only one to be picture-less.

Leonardo Shakespeare Catapult Rat: My pet rat, he is brown and white. Usually called Leo, his name is terribly long because for the time I had him, I could not stick with one name. Named originally after Leonardo Da Vinci. He is very clever, and it is annoying. But in the later months he is finally succumbing to old age is I can't keep his weight up no matter how much food I give him. And even now that he's slowed down, I still can't get a decent picture.
Casper: I have had Casper forever. Well, not forever. But since before the summer after fourth grade. I got her as a gift of some sort. Her name was stolen from another kid who had gotten a dog the same time. The kid came into class and shared that they had gotten a puppy that they named Casper and I decided that the name would be very fitting for my new pet as well since I couldn't for the life of me decide what to name her.

Zombi: Our newest addition to the house, she was my birthday present for this year of 2011. We got her from the humane society and she was seven in a half to eight months old. She is just about a year now. She is black but she has a white patch right under her neck (As seen in picture), another in between her front legs (Which we call her bikini top) and another big patch on her stomach that we call her diaper patch. She has green eyes, hence her name and this picture doesn't do them justice.

Maxx: Maxx was named after the dog in The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. The cartoon version was my favorite movie when we got him. I was four or five at the time. We got him as a kitten from a ranch and he has grown up as big as a barn cat would be expected to. Although he's a chicken and jumps at every little noise. He's been very patient and accepting with the new kitten who is a ditzy mess. But he's still the baby of the family.

Jack: Named after Jack Sparrow, he is a Yorkshire Terrier. We got him as a puppy five years ago. He's a dork. A clever dork though. I taught him a bunch of tricks when we first got him. But he isn't very fond of people and only likes the dogs he met as a puppy. We had these families around town that would scream every time they saw a dog and run the other direction and kids use to throw stuff at him so he has become a very guarded dog. Very obedient though. And cute.

Einstein: Finally, my mother's demon.. erms.. bird... The evil..ahem, clever talking Blue Front Amazon. We don't always get along, but she is amusing in her own way. We first thought she was a boy, thus the name Einstein. But she is a girly and very protective over her cage. She loves my mother and my father. She does not like me or any other pets. She is absolutely terrified of Casper and she enjoys playing fetch. As it, she throws, you fetch.

Well, there is my arsenal of pets. Next is the best of the pictures I took at the zoo and conservatory I went to last week:

Please don't use my pictures without my permission... as always...


  1. That....looks a lot like Como Zoo. Are you in Minnesota? lol

  2. It is Como Zoo xD and yes, I am. Shame though most of the enclosures have glass, can't take very good pictures through them.

  3. I know, that's always the trouble I have too.