Thursday, June 13, 2013

Unquiet Grave: Magenta

So a while back I bought the Unquiet Grave album from I-tunes, which claims to be the ultimate goth collection. It has tons of songs and a fairly cheap price, and I am always looking for new music so I jumped all over it. Slowly I've been going through the songs, deciding what I liked and what I didn't. I've been meaning to make posts about these bands, just in case you yourself haven't heard of them and want new music, I'm going to start off with just one: Magenta.

This is their song on the album 'Eccentricity':
Magenta is described as a "Norwegian electro-goth rock project founded in 1995 by future husband-and-wife Vilde Lockheart (voice) and Anders Odd1 (aka Odden, guitar, programming, and voice -- formerly with death metal pioneers Cadaver), with frequent support from Daniel Hill (guitar, backing vocals), and assorted guest musicians over the years." (Here)
I couldn't find a ton of information on them, they don't even have a working website that I could find, however because Eccentricity was featured in the ever popular movie Gypsy 83, they have a following. Gypsy 83 is a movie I plan on watching over this summer, but haven't seen as of yet. However I really do like this song, it has smooth echo-y vocals that easily gets stuck in your head. The lyrics are in english and are fairly understandable which is a plus in my mind. I kept it in my music banks, here are some other songs by them:
Secret Sky:
To Die For:

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Moulettes Lyrics

This video was posted on some lovely blog that I can't quite remember which at the moment, and got me hooked onto the band, Moulettes. It really is an enchanting band that I'd highly recommend, one of my current favorites. However, looking around I noticed quickly that it is extremely hard to dig up lyrics for their songs. (This song "Devil of Mine" excluded.)

I was surprised as I had imagined people would be all over working out the lyrics of such pretty songs. I find lyrics just as if not more important than the chords. I definitely think that they both have to be good to feed off of each other and create a great song, so its something my ear pays attention to and something I look up. I caught myself thinking, "Someone should really sit down and listen to the songs and try to piece out lyrics" And then I found myself thinking, "Someone should stop wishing others would do things she can do herself."

I would love for the band and songwriter(s) themselves to post lyrics someday, because by ear there will always be some mistakes, somethings lost, but I thought until then I could give it a go and share them for anyone else who has been searching for the lyrics as I have. The first one I did was "Horses for Hearses" (fitting, don't you think?) which is an easier song to listen to and jot down words in my opinion. (And short). I swear I ran across these somewhere else, but I can't redig them up. I'm not claiming these are perfect. I transcribed from their album, but I could only find a live video.

Horses for Hearses:

When you look around you I assure you I will be there
Shouting like the curses, this is the worst thing we’ll have to bare
Loneliness lives in corners, she is carted by despair
She is spooked by sudden noises. She is haunted on the stair
Sing me handsome verses, raise you voices, play your share
Hold on to the horses and good fortune meet your prayer
Bring her milk and honey, bathe her wounds and stroke her hair
Hush my little darling, lull your worries, have no care,
Spurn your shadowed lover, all is rusted beyond repair
You shall find your kingdom and a set of wings to wear!
(Dun, dun, dada da, dun, dun, dada da, dun…)
Sing me handsome verses, raises your voices, play you share
Shouting like the curses this is the worst thing we’ll have to bare (x2)

If you find all the lyrics posted somewhere, please I'd love the link. Also feel free to post any corrections if your ear is better than mine. 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

It's Been a Long Long Time

Tests, doctors, medication. I've been dealing with some serious health revelations and because of this I've fallen off the face of the earth as far as my blog goes. But no more.
I've been focusing to much on who I am as far as disease. But I'm tired of it. It's about time I got back into who I am as far as culture. Subculture. Intellectual. Student. Artist. Writer.
As well as embrace the change and start the healing process. Chronic Illness is Tough. But So Am I.