Friday, December 23, 2011

Outfit Post and a New Pet!

Yesterday was the winter concert day for our Choirs at my school so, as tradition, everyone dressed up during the day; which is slightly ironic seeing as how we go to the concert in shorts and a T-shirt. (We wear robes, shorts and T-shirt underneath.) I'm really tired in this picture.
Hair Bow: DIY
Necklace Pendent: Post-Halloween sale at the local party store. (Party USA? Party America? Party World? Party City? Something like that.)--10$ about?
Blouse: Fan+Friend Garden--30$
Skirt: Fan+Friend Garden--30$
Corset: Iris Noir--35$
Two Pairs of Tights: Target, I didn't much like the black ones anymore, and the purple ripped as soon as I put them on so I made lovely ripped tights to layer.--10$ (Plus the service of the black ones when I still used them.)
Boots: Goodgoth/Demonia-- 65$

In other news, I got a new bird! His name is Gandy, he's a two year old Nanday Conure. He's very sweet and well socialized. Bit of a brat though when it comes to going back in his cage. Just a few training issues to sort out. I'm still working on getting a picture because he doesn't like to hold still but here's an example of what a Nanday Conure looks like:

If you want to see more pretty pictures you can check here. It has one of my absolute favorite Nanday pictures. It's about half way down the page of a Conure named 'Ash' with his wing spread. Nandays really are, to me, one of the most beautiful parrots and I feel so lucky to have one.

A belated Yuletide Blessings to everyone, by the way.

Lastly I'd like to direct your attention to a blog post on my Alt.V blog. Read here.

Saturday, December 10, 2011


Short message post:
Sad to say I've been so busy lately I have no time to post but I have many plans for posts and will come back with blazing fingers.
Also, I'm adding another feathered companion to the family! That's always exciting. More updates on that adventure to come...