Monday, August 15, 2011

Goth Challenge Day 3 and 4

Two posts in one day? How dare I, you ask? Well, I'm starting this post at 11:45 in the evening. And will probably finish after midnight, thus being the next day and meaning I have the right to doing two posts. Good? Good.

Day 3: When did you come out of the goth closet?
This is a tricky question. I was never really in a closet about my gothic interests. I learned about the subculture and became apart of it, and throughout it all I would tell anyone who asked about it. But at the same time, I didn't go around announcing it.
On the other hand, my parents noticed my new interests. Mostly about my new clothing. I don't remember talking to much to my dad about it, I figured he'd be cool with it because he is a heavy metal, headbanging lover. But I talked to my mum. She didn't know much about the subculture and it made her a bit uncomfortable. So after explaining it to her a few times and still getting an uncomfortable vibe from her, I made a last ditch attempt and gave her the link to the Gothic Charm School website. After reading through it, not only did my mother become more at ease, she also decided that she adored Jillian Venters style of writing and still reads the website to this day. I suppose I owe the Lady of the Manners a thank you.

Day 4: Name a stereotype or cliche you can relate to.
Oh dear... Well, here is a list. Just remember you asked for it!

I love Halloween. Seriously, love it. It is a day to dress even more eccentric and to hang out all night with friends where you may, or may not get free candy. What is possibly better than that? Plus it is in October, which is a month with an incredible feeling in the air in my opinion.
Picnics in Cemeteries. I find cemeteries to be beautiful places of in my opinion, rarely appreciated art. A lot of thought is put into a loved one's headstone. I also like to visit old graves that maybe don't get visited much anymore. I am also known to go with friends to the stores nearby the cemetery I go to and buy a dozen or two roses which we pass out to mostly children's graves and then have a picnic.
Tim Burton fan. I shouldn't have to explain why his movies are awesome.
Swooning over Poe and Shakespeare. Adore the writing of both. My favorites of the two? Hamlet and Annabel Lee.
Horror Fan. Although I find horror movies becoming more and more disappointing, I do enjoy watching them. I enjoy horror stories as well.
I have written my share of gloomy poetry with more that will probably come. I love bats, skulls, coffins, Death Mints, spider webs, rats, cats and yes, my cat is even black AND her name is Zombi.

I will leave the list at that.

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