Sunday, January 12, 2014

BPAL Review: Epitaph

So since Friday I've had the flu, or something akin. I thought that today I'd be better, but I'm still feeling awful so I cancelled riding again. It's disappointing, but I did try my final perfume. I saved Epitaph for last because it was the scent I was sure I would love. So, it's description:
"Roses and funeral lilies perceived, faintly, through an indistinct, ghostly mist."

In the Bottle: In the bottle it smells like lilies with a background note of rose. I can also smell the mist over the top of the lily, but it's very faint and fresh. 
On Skin: On my skin I smelt the rose more than the lily, which I really like. However, it has a good balance of not having too much of either flower. I can barely smell the mist, mostly it is a light scent. But it didn't disappear like Maiden did, instead it's just gentle. 
Longevity:  I put this on at 9:00am and it disappeared by 7:00pm. It was strong for the first fifteen minutes, then it mellowed out into an even, light scent. 

Overall, this is very pretty. I thought I'd like it because it was light, and I normally don't wear perfume. In all this perfume excitement I've been eager for perfumes that I can smell, but I think this would be a good daily perfume.

So those were my seven perfume samples. I am thinking about doing a final post to wrap up all these perfume posts, but I'm not sure. I might leave it where it lies. I will say that my favorite scent was probably Zombi, which is surprising because I thought I wouldn't like it. But I didn't smell any perfume that I thought smelt bad, just smells I personally don't relate to. 

If you are interested in Epitaph, the link is here.

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