Thursday, January 9, 2014

BPAL Review: Dragon's Bone

Today I tested my second complimentary imps ear, Dragon's Bone. I was excited to get this scent because it is not something I'd normally go for and I had never smelled many of the scents in it. The description for Dragon's Bone goes as such:
"The dry, thin scent of a draconic ossuary. Dragon’s blood resin with white sandalwood, dusty orris and crisp blondewood."

In the Bottle: Dragon's Bone immediately reminded me of incense or fireworks, even though it doesn't completely smell like either one of those. It smells slightly bitter. It must smell like dragon's blood resin; I've never smelt that before so I'm not sure. 
On Skin: On my skin Dragon's Bone smells floral, that maybe the orris, and woody. It is almost sweet and tangy, if you can picture that. I can still smell what I assume to be the dragon's blood resin. This one is harder for me to describe because I'm not familiar with the scents. 
Longevity: I put Dragon's Bone on at 11:00am and I could still smell it by 6:00pm. I took a shower after working out, so I can't say for sure how long it would've lasted, but I wouldn't have been surprised to smell it at 8:00pm. 

Overall, Dragon's Bone is a strong, warm, musky smell. It has more attitude than I'd go for, I like pretty delicate scents, but this is feminine without being too girly. While this isn't my cup of tea, I haven't come across a scent yet who's imps ear I wouldn't be willing to finish. 

On a side note, my mother wore White Rabbit today and the smell that was prominent was the fresh clean linen. 

I swipe the oil across my collar bone and then on my wrist. Other popular places to place oils is in between the breasts, on the neck, behind the ears, in the hair and various pulse points. The imp ears come with an applicator wand. The larger bottles do not, but for a dollar you can buy a cap with a glass wand attached to it for application. People also use eyedroppers, drink stirring rods, and other various glass or plastic objects. Glass and plastic are usually preferred over say Q-Tips or your finger because they absorb less of the oil, so it lasts longer. Heres a link on their forum about ways to apply oil.   

If you are interested in Dragon's Blood, the link is here.

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