Saturday, March 3, 2012

When Plans Don't Happen

I had a lovely post planned out about my riding lately, but obviously I'm not posting it yet.
I thought I'd share whats been going on since I disappeared after starting my give-away.

Today I had an interview with the art school I'm trying to go to Junior/Senior year. It was the last step in the process and I think it went really well. However I'm trying to keep my hopes in check, there is about 150 places to fill in the school and people from all over the state apply. It's not working. It'll suck if I don't get in. But everyone was really nice. Even if my name was continuously pronounced wrong. My name is always pronounced wrong. It's one of the few reasons I started accepting the nick-name Phells once it started spreading.

In more negative news, my newest bird, the one who came to me as Gandy, then I called him Solomon, and then Numskull and lastly Gwydion is being re-homed. It was silly of me to get him in the first place with me going off to college soon. It's not fair to have him for two years and then disappear for 3-4 years at least. Still, despite my many reasons for re-homing, I absolutely adore this bird. We've had many offers since he could quite possibly be the only Nanday Conure for sale in this state. I think Nanday's are the most beautiful birds. He was my dream parrot and now he's going. Crushing.
Here's a picture, isn't he beautiful?

I was thinking of taking the money I get from him and putting it towards a cello. I've wanted to learn how to play for years, ever since I quit the viola. The prospect of playing the cello doesn't cheer me up though.

Here's a bunch a pictures I've taken for my photography class. I'm using them to try to save this post.
I'm on my fourth assignment. These are from my first and third.


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  1. Beautiful photos. I don't care much for birds as pets, but what a beauty! A shame you two have to part :-(