Sunday, February 19, 2012

Golden Hearts Giveaway

This morning of tea and blueberry scones has been my best morning since (Surprisingly) last Sunday's blueberry and scones. So it is the perfect day to start my very first giveaway! There will be two winners in this giveaway, both winning one of two equally beautiful chokers from the pair I have dubbed the "Golden Heart Twins."
 "For the Anachronistic Heart"
 This stunning choker features an upside-down clock face with a small white heart dangling from it. At the top of the heart sits a small "diamond" gem. The center piece sits on a silky white ribbon that shimmers lightly under the right light. 

'The Victorian heart of the twenty-first century, asks not that the clock runs backwards; rather that it runs upside-down. Thus allowing modern times and classical times to run simultaneously in an absolutely beautiful disaster.'  

The ribbons ends are dipped in a small bit of clear urethane glue to insure that they will not fray. It closes with a small gold chain and silver clasp.

"The Key to Rose's Heart"
This lovely choker features a disconnected center piece of a ornate key and the head of a rose. It sits on the same silky white ribbon that shimmers lightly under the right light as the above choker.

 'My little darling Rose,
Please never swallow keys,
For if your heart unlocks,
A flower will bloom from thee!'

Like the above choker, the ends are dipped in a small bit of clear urethane glue to insure that they will not fray and it closes with a small gold chain and silver clasp.

***Since I create jewelry by re-purposing old materials, the small gold chain used for closing the choker is limited. Thus, for the sake of my material amount, and to make sure the winners don't receive chokers that are to big or to small, I will be asking for the circumference of their neck in centimeters. Please be sure to account for the fact that the choker needs to be tight enough to sit properly yet loose enough to not kill you.

Deadline: Sunday, March 25
Winners will be chosen randomly via on March 26 so make sure to check back then.

How to Enter:
You can have your name added to the mix up to three times:
  1. Follow my blog.
  2. Write a blog post about the giveaway that includes a link back to this page.
  3. Give 2-3 names I could use for an Etsy shop if I started one this summer.
Note: You must add a comment to this page about what entries you do for them to count. (Tell me you follow my blog and want to be in the giveaway so that I don't add followers who do not, give me the link to your blog post, and post the name ideas in the comment section).


  1. Posted and for some reason I wasn't following you.

    You should call your etsy shop...CAT CAT CAT. No. (maybe?)

    I think Victorian Anichronism would be an awesome name. "Ophelia's Victorian Bits and Bobs"?

    "Butts and Cats and Bearnoises" is always an option.

  2. Following and will post about this shortly.

    I also like Victorian Anichronism, if it isn't already taken.

    I suppose you could look up book titles of popular novels in the Victorian era and perhaps use something along those lines...?

  3. Can I please have the links to your posts when you do them? I don't want to rummage through everyone's blogs. ^^


  5. Following and my blog is kind of dead so no point posting XD


    Golden Heart Creations
    Shining Stirrup Sweethearts
    Silver Petticoat Creations

  6. Done it, finally.

    Phells Bells! - Playing with words and it rhymes. :)

    Talia's Trinkets

    Alls Phell that ends Phell - In answer to this one, all I say is. I freaking love Shakespeare.

    And the link to my post is

    And I do follow you. :3

  7. Tokens of a Time-Travelling Talia? 'cause bitches like alliteration.

    Already was following you, and posting now ;)


    ^My post

  9. Hey! I just started following your lovely blog! (I'm JessieAnn13)
    And here is the link to my post -->

    1. And I'm really not sure why my comment is spaced so wierdly! oops!

  10. :)

    What do you mean 'if'? You should DEFINITELY start an etsy! Then I can add you to my Circle ;D etsy is amazing. Your chokers would sell very well on that site!

    Hmm.. names...
    Maybe you should name your store as your choker?

    "For the Anachronistic Heart"


    "Anachronistic Hearts"

    OR perhaps...

    "Shakespeare's Shinys"? hehehe.. that was silly :P

    I agree with the name Steph came up with. It's cute :)

  11. I followed you! (posting on the last day cause im a procrastinator >< ahahaha)

    They are so lovely Talia <3

    I was going to think of names... but then i didn't... meh...

    -Dear Anarchy Creations
    -Veiled Heart Mysteries
    -Served With Tea and Poison

    Random things cause I was already here ^^ So yeah.

  12. CLOSED!!!! :)
    Thank you so much everyone, for the names, follower increase, participation, and lovely comments that have made my days. I already have the winners picked out and will make a new post to share shortly.