Monday, March 26, 2012

Golden Hearts Giveaway Winners!!

Those who entered were put into's List Randomizer as many number of times as they had entered. I took the first person from the first randomized list and then the first person from the second randomized list for who got first choice and who got the remaining piece.

The first winner and the one to the right of first pick is... (Drum-roll please):
The lovely Green Fairy at aka If I Only Were a Goth aka "The Shiny Green Blog" if you follow my thought process.

The winner of the second list, thus the second winner yet still not second place is... (Again, it'd be helpful to have a drum-roll here):
Kitty Lovett; the Unadulterated Cat aka Bloggery of a Gothcat aka "The Blog of Cat Awesomeness".

Congratulations you guys! I'll need first pick's preference. You can just choose, or you two can work out who gets what, doesn't much matter to me. Then I'll also need your e-mail addresses then we can do addresses and measurements and such via web-mail. Just put the info in the comment section below the page, I'll delete your email addresses from the comments as soon as I get them.

Sorry for the lack of pictures, I'm on the laptop today with people working on the sprinklers and I'm being lazy. =P Thanks to all who entered, all the store name ideas, all the new followers and all the nice comments that made my days.

And one last thing, the two blogs above are awesome, read them if you don't already. (Who would've thought? Winners get free advertising too!)

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