Saturday, March 24, 2012

Following the Month's Theme...

 Since I've been doing random bits of posts all month and the months almost over, I figured I'd just keep with it. The only real reason to this post is to remind everyone that my giveaway ends tomorrow. I was worried I'd have a whole three people participate, but I'm rather happy with how it's turned out. I'm still contemplating all the names for the Etsy store (Or if I should even start one) but I'll be using at least one of everyone's names as a title for a piece of jewelry.
I was also pleasantly surprised today when I stumbled across blogger to find that I had 32 followers. That's thirty-two people who went to the effort of pushing the "Follow" button in the corner so that I could tell myself I wasn't just writing to air. =3
I've been spending my day with red dye. When I was buying it, I got the darker red instead of the lighter because I didn't want it to seem pink or orange. However, this color looked a whole lot like pink after I rinsed it so I went back over it with another bit of dye. This is why red is not a color I particularly care for. Actually, it's because of a timed puzzle game I played when I was a child, but you don't need to know that.
 I'm still not having any luck re-homing my darling bird. Which isn't surprising as chicks are born in the spring and my bird is in her terrible two's and hormonal... She was cute today though, I kissed her head and she made a kissy sound against my hand as she tried to preen my invisible hand feathers. I've gotten her to stop throwing fits too, now she just says "hellohellohello (ect)" Its fairly warm so I'll probably give her a bath/shower today. I'll make sure to take pictures of her rolling around in the sink.
Other than that I've been reading the Stephanie Plum books recently. But wait, didn't you say you 
weren't going to read those anymore?! Yep; I also said they were highly amusing books. After my hit or miss week I figured I deserved to spend a few days laughing at someonelse's mistakes. Especially since I'll be spending my spring break watching strangers tear down my walls to install sprinklers in the house. (To bad they didn't do that before half the building burned down.)

Oh, and about the horse pictures: I've been contemplating mechanical horses lately. I'd share my thoughts, but I think I'll save it for a winded equine post later.


  1. ...Mechanical horses...AWE. SOME. Congrats on your number of followers! I know the feeling. :)

  2. What got you to thinking of those mechanical horses? They look remarkable! Who would’ve thought one could make such incredible pieces of artwork out of metal scraps? Thanks for sharing. Good day!

    Marion Dunn @ Global Resources