Friday, November 2, 2012

Theatre is Evil.

One of my favorite musical artists, Amanda Palmer, has just released a new CD with The Grand Theft Orchestra named "Theatre is Evil." I first came across Amanda Palmer years ago when I heard "Coin Operated Boy" which is a song done by Brian Viglione and herself as apart of The Dresden Dolls. I've followed her ever since. She has a bold style of playing the piano and emotion filled lyrics. She's proven that she can do a pretty song, but not all of her songs are meant to be such. I think my favorite part of her music is the little pieces of sarcasm in her songs and the way she can take a really serious or sad topic and make it something upbeat.

The style of her CD's change vastly, it's rarely the same sound from album to album. "Theatre is Evil" is her most different CD yet, its much more.. rock-ish... I guess... It's different anyway. But still amazing. Amanda Palmer has a really great idea of "Pay What You Want" when it comes to the release of her music, on her website she says "i firmly believe in music being as free as possible. unlocked. shared and spread. i believe that in order for artists to survive and create, their audiences need to step up and directly support them. honor system. no judgment. if you're broke- take it. if you love it, come back and kick in later when you have the money. if you're rich, think about who you might be karmically covering if you really love this record." She has a version of her album available for free download and another where you can choose to pay any of five dollar increments between 1$ and 20$. The actual CD is ten dollars. Her website also sells other CD's, posters, vinyl, Apparel and my favorite thing of all-- The Companion. With every album she releases a beautiful Companion Book filled with art, sheet music <3, hand written bits, stories behind her songs and tons of other tidbits. I have "The Dresden Dolls" and the "Virginia" companion book. I'm hoping to get the "Who Killed Amanda Palmer" and "Theatre is Evil" books for the holidays.

Below are a couple music videos from her new album, but I also suggest you go here and here to watch more of them. She has really great music videos that really sing with her songs. Both of the music videos are uncensored. The Killing Type gets bloody at the end and Want It Back contains a small bit of nudity. They're both of artistic tastefulness. But you are thusly warned. ^^

The Killing Type-
Want It Back-
Again, you can get her album and other merchandise, keep up with the band or whatever at her website.

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