Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New Rock Boots!

Last spring break I spent my week trapped on a chair for hours on end whilst I baby sat creepy old construction workers as they put sprinklers into the apartments, (You know, after the building burned down.)
I was watching TV but they kept bumping the satellite, so I decided to read. 14 books later, (They were short, around two hundred pages) ...and they were still working. So I spent the rest of my time watching the Direct TV symbol travel across the screen. Everyday for a week. It sucked, they left the door wide open for hours, walked in and out without knocking and left a ladder blocking the only path I had from my chair to the rest of the house.
Good came of this though, my mother in return gave me 200$ to spend on a pair of New Rock Boots, which I never thought I'd ever be able to get due to my general high school poorness.

It took some sorting through the thousand styles, and some persuading to buy from a European country (American companies tack on an extra hundred dollars) but finally I had a pair ordered.
The people there were really nice, the first pair that I ordered was "waiting fulfillment" for a few days before we were told that the only pair they had left was damaged but they gave us the exact amount in store credit. This bothered my mother to no end but I had my second pair, which I loved ten time more, picked out within five minutes of the notice.
Shipping cost just under thirty bucks, which is better than it could have been. They arrive much quicker than I expected, the box was still in good condition which is nice because the shoes that I've been ordering lately come in destroyed boxes. The shoes themselves came perfect.
The only grumble I had was that I'm a size 8 in American W omens, which translates into a half size. I went with the half size down rather than half size up and now I'm trying to break them in/stretch them out a bit. They're not unbearably tight and I think they'll fit wonderfully after wearing them for a week or so.
They're so comfortable, to me it feels like walking on a trampoline. I've been wearing converse a lot recently so that I can practice driving so they're a bit heavier than I'm use to. But I hate tennis shoes.
I can't take any pictures now because I'm at school but here's a store picture:
 In other news, my Devil's Carnival DVD arrived as well, same day-- yesterday. While not nearly as shiny as my new stomp-y boots, still exciting. I had a dream last night that because of the DVDs release my school was playing the soundtrack over and over again throughout the intercom system, (The possibilities of a crazy art school...) and it was driving me insane.

Schools silent today. Hope you all are having good days with shiny stomp-y boots weighing down your feet.


  1. Those are really cool!
    I need new boots too, with the hard winters we get here I basically need a new pair every year.

    1. Me too, last year the heels of my boots broke off and nothing I did to repair them worked very long so in February I was walking to the bus in flip-flops x.x