Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Blahblahblah, Cute Bat Picture!

(My "post title" brain machine thing broke xP)

I am doing an independent field study project for my sociology class where I am studying the formation of stereotypes and a snazzy little hypothesis about them that I'm not suppose to talk about because I am inviting the lovely bloggers of the world to participate.

It's really simple, actually. Just record or type up the answers to a short (one side of one page) questionnaire and send them back to me. You don't have to include any information you don't want to include. All I ask is that you are as honest as possible. It's really important to me to involve the blogging community into the project so that I could get answers from across the globe.

So, if it so tickles you! Please email me at talia.wagner (at) pcae.k12.mn.us.... (my school email) for the questions or any questions you may have...

My grade and I would find that really swell... (insert clever brain swelling joke here. xD or maybe not...) now here's the cutest picture of a bat EVER!

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