Sunday, November 6, 2011

New Haircut and Goth Challenge Days 16-20

I spent all day-well, four hours- getting my hair dyed. My mum refuses to allow black dye in the house so we go somewhere so a nice lady can do it for us. I also decided at that time to chop most of my hair off. It's a bit messy in the picture I've posted below since I haven't messed with it.
Crappy picture, I know. I was tired. Bad lighting too.
With that picture, I'll also start off with some Goth Challenge questions:

Day 16: What's the Most Casual You've Ever Dressed?
I'll happily direct your attention to the picture above. That sweatshirt and a pair of jeans is my most casual outfit that I wear out and about.

Day 17: Your favourite Goth brand.
I don't know if I really have one. I like FanplusFriend Garden for skirts and blouses and Seven Deadly Sins or Lowbrow Art for T-shirts or tank tops, (both of which I find here). Otherwise I drift around and always look for new places and new things.

Day 18: Worst hair experience.
Straight bangs. 90% of the time covering my eyes because they grew to fast. I actually just deleted the last picture I had of them off my phone a few days ago since I didn't think I'd use it. Or want to. I just don't think they worked well on me. 

Day 19: Share beauty advise and take a photo of your make up.
Again, refer to the above picture. That is about as extensive as my make up will get on a normal basis. I have a more complex way of doing it on special occasions but for the most part this is what it is. Or less.
  • Always use a sponge when applying foundation. 
  • To cover up acne, if yours is bothersome like mine, first apply coverup with a sponge, then foundation with another and if it need it, a small bit of extra foundation just on the certain area with a clean fingertip. (Note: This contradicts with the first bullet slightly, but when you use your fingertip it is slathered on a bit thicker. Note2: This is meant for liquid foundation.)
  • If you are using a lighter shade of make up than your actual skin color don't forget blending, or your neck. Otherwise you'll have a very obvious line. 
  • Clean up eyeliner with a Q-tip. At the same time, careful when cleaning it up with the same Q-tip so you don't end up adding more, although sometimes this gives a nice smokey effect. 
  • This just personally bothers me, but, when you put on mascara, put it on your whole eye lash, not just the tips, unless its a two toned look. I find the change in color very noticeable.
  • Be careful when applying powdery makeup so that you don't get speckled clothing.
Day 20: If you could dye your hair any colour what would it be?
Other colors, besides black, that I'd consider dying my hair would be purple or a grey-ish blue. Maybe not all of my hair, but part of it perhaps.

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