Thursday, November 10, 2011

Backward Footsteps: Old Poetry!

Well, to be precise, an old poem. I haven't been writing as much as a use to anymore so I thought I would go threw a bunch of old poems I wrote in middle school. I found this one, which I wrote in the seventh grade. I didn't know what to think of it so I thought I'd throw it to the masses. Devour at will! And leave comments!

What is a Monster? A Poem of Thought. 

What really is a monster?
What deserves the title of “monster”?
Is it something that kills ruthlessly?
We kill all the time without a 2nd thought,
Yet we never seem call ourselves a monster.
Is it something that we don’t understand?
Something that we’re afraid of?
Perhaps we are the monsters
For not taking the time to understand that which is a mystery to us.
Why is it that we automatically despise a monster?
Is it because they might be more powerful then us?
Because they might be higher up on the food chain?
Perhaps it’s because we remember the struggle our ancestors went through to survive.
Kill or be killed,
Isn’t that right?
Yet does anyone stop to think that maybe if we quit killing so much,
We might stop being killed so often?
Does anyone stop to think that maybe if we quit looking for flaws in the world around us,
We’d find peace and acceptance within ourselves?
After all who gave us the right to decide what is right and what is wrong?
And who gave us the right to decide who is or is not a monster?
Why is it that we think we have the right to judge
When it is precisely that judging that denies us the individuality we all seem to crave.
 So what really is a monster?
A fragment of our imagination?
Or is it fear itself?
If we all believe that monsters are the enemy
And that they are something to be feared and despised,
Then aren’t we just hating ourselves?
For isn’t a monster created from our own opinion?
From our own mind?
So if there’s really anything to fear,
Shouldn’t it be how easy it is for others to use your mind against you?
Or should the real fear be how easy it is to use your mind as a weapon against yourself..?

One last plea for comments: I am getting ready to apply for an art school for my last two years of high school. I'm just filling out applications, writing essays and getting recommendations together. After the application goes it I have to go to an interview/audition and while I might not be totally sure at the moment what that will entail, I'm quite positive that any comments would be extremely helpful towards my writing. Which is what I'm applying for... Thank you!

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