Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Frills, Lace and Filthy Victorians

Seeing as how the Filthy Victorians of 2012 are putting the final touches on their preparations for next year, I thought it all to perfect that I get to share with you a darling poem that my friend, Niccole wrote. It was introduced to me as "a Victorian era recipe poem" so that is the introduction I will pass on to you:

Frills, Lace and Broken Ribs

To make the perfect Victorian Era Pastry,
You must start out with both the wealthy
And the poor of the time period.
Divide them both into sections,
Mixing coal and dust into the poor
And lace and frills with the rich.
To the section of the poor,
Add a cup of disease, a dash of sorrow
And a whole lot of work for everyone.
When dealing with the wealthy,
Turn up your nose in a haughty way
So that you may fit in and deal
With all the parties and social gatherings.
Once done with that and posture is good,
Add a lot of broken ribs from corsets,
Sprinkle in some abuse from the men,
And add three and a half heaping cups of
Colored cloth, richly decorated to content.
Place in the oven for about an hour,
Take out to cool, placing a parasol above
So that the delicate outside will not burn.
Once cooled to touch with a gloved hand,
Spread literature in abundance over top,
Making sure to cover every last bit of wealth.
You need not worry about the poor getting any,
They are on the bottom, and will receive none.
Set on a lavishly decorated place on the table,
Letting it sit there for all to see and admire.

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  1. I like that poem. It definitely emphasizes the class differences in that era.