Monday, October 17, 2011

Home Sick

As in I stayed home sick. I haven't been feeling well since Friday. Ironically enough tomorrow is the last day of school for the week. However I've been spending the day with mashed potatoes, rice, tea and pumpkin scones. I've also equipped myself with three movies thanks to a recent post on The Walrus Room of top ten favorite movies, (Thank you Sarah! ^^). I've chosen Harold and Maude, Gypsy 83 and Benny and Joon.

On a side note, for those blogs who've been mentioned in my mess of posts; I don't much have a habit of asking before I reference peoples blogs in my post unless the whole post is about someone's blog which would be really unlikely... I'll always link to the blogs I reference. If you don't like it, say something and I'll pull it off; otherwise if you prefer to be asked just tell me and I'll make sure to next time. I'm still new to blogging and feeling out the rules.

1 comment:

  1. I don't mind being referenced. :3

    I'm glad you liked my list! I hope you enjoy the movies and get well soon!