Monday, October 17, 2011

DIY Jewelry

I've been meaning to do this post for a while. As pointed out in a previous post the one thing I can successfully DIY is jewelry. I made a bunch of jewelry to sell so I could get some money to put towards a new electric piano since the one I had growled at me and had a broken key...
The thing I love about jewelry is that it doesn't take much and you can use just about anything. It's also not very expensive and only need minimal sewing/tools/ect. I make things out of what I have so as of now I haven't needed to spend any money. Although I might buy clasps at some point.

I made this choker out of a dress that I never wore. The band comes from a corseted area of the dresses skirt. The cross was at the end of the chain and the chains were used as string to corset a different part of the dress. This was my first piece and I learned as I went along. Its actually fairly shabby work but I have a friend who fell in love with it so I sold it to her. I used thread and superglue to put things together.

This piece was my second attempt at a choker and was just as shabby. I didn't have white thread and had to use brown, which I stitched rather unevenly. But I've grown rather fond of the thing. It wears nicely. Its made from a silky black/silver rose print with spider web lace on top, white ribbon borders and a piece of petrified wood from a ring I had. The print is from an old shirt, the lace is from the previously mentioned dress, the ribbons are from an old flower girl dress. It hasn't been bought yet, and I'm sure I'll have a picture of me wearing it soon.

This is one of my favorite pieces. It was made from part of a broken necklace piece that I got from my aunt. The ring piece was filled in with black nail polish and super glue and the ring back itself was actually what held the petrified wood piece. This took me a long while to make and it was sold to another friend. I had to specially fit it to her hand but its complete with a clasp on the bracelet. Used metal/wire cutter and pliers.

This is another piece I am particularly fond of. It was given to a girl for her birthday. I got the watch from my aunt, who makes vintage jewelry and the ribbon was from the same flower girl dress as previously mentioned. It had a bunch of other half attached strings of pears or jewels that I took off and then cleaned off the glue. The clock didn't actually work but when I was using it I'd set the time of my next class so I could easily check to make sure I wouldn't be late.

This is a very simple yet pretty piece. It was made completely from a belt that a friend gave that broke. The cross was sewed on to the ribbon. It was almost sold but hasn't been yet. I haven't worn it myself much since I don't like to wear crosses.

Another piece made from the belt previously mentioned. Very simple necklace, just required a metal/wire cutter and pliers. Sold it to a friend.

Ditto last post, made from the belt, easy tools. Sold to a friend. The only difference is that this actually got a 'formal' clasp.

Anyway, that is just a few things I've made. I always wear the things at least once just to see how they hold up so I am sure they wont fall apart where ever they end up. So...go forth and don't waste old broken jewelry and clothing and such.

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