Saturday, September 17, 2011

Lets All be Happy

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 I keep running across people who tell me that they'd love to put a dramatic flare to their clothing, but that they are far to nervous or shy about others reactions to do so. I think this is horrible and that people should wear whatever makes them happy.
I also know about nervousness when it comes to wearing something new around a new group of people. At the end of the last school year I decided I wanted to veer off from my jeans and a T-shirt tenancies and get more skirts, ruffles, lace, ect. So right as summer started I got myself a few skirts, blouses and a petticoat. Even though I made friends with my petticoat over the summer, the idea of trying to get the poof throughout the school day where I will undoubtedly draw attention, was daunting.
Here's a few tips on how to survive introducing dramatic changes into your wardrobe:
  • If you are meeting someone for the first time wear a look from your new change and don't worry one bit! They'll form their first impression with the new outfit so how would they know if you dressed any differently in the past? 
  • If you are wearing a new outfit for the first time around a group of people who already know you, such as friends at school, try to wear it right after a break. The first day of school is the best for gothlings because people tend to reinvent themselves over the summer. 
  • If you are working and unsure if your boss will be happy with the change, integrate the change slowly and see how your superiors react. 
  • Be confident! Like the way you look. Confidence looks good on everyone, so check yourself. Go in front of a mirror and look at your reflection. Are you smiling? Subconsciously posing? Being happy with what your wearing and the way you look is far more important than what others might or might not think. 
  • Still dress appropriately!  If its negative six degrees (That's negative 21 degrees for you centigrade folk) then wear a jacket.
When I wore my lovely get-up to school I had a fairly positive experience. I did draw a lot of attention but mostly compliments which are always good to get now and then. Of course you always get a few grumble/snickering folk but they were relatively easy to ignore. The most uncomfortable part of my day was probably that the corset I was wearing was putting pressure on my back as I put it on in a rush. I also learned to important lessons: it is hard to fit a poofy skirt in a desk and when you walk pasts desks with paper on them you have the risk of sweeping them off if the desk is low enough. 
To my friends amusement, and slight dismay, a few days later I wore a lighter pair of jeans with a bright green sweatshirt since I was feeling sick and lazy.

So, you wear what you want, without fear, so you can be happy at least with yourself and I'll wear what I want for the same reasons; and if we get discriminatory blows we will vent with the utmost humor before going on our merry little way. Deal?

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