Friday, September 9, 2011

I'm home!!! And Goth Challenge Day 9

Victoria Frances (source)
I'm home!!! A week before I was suppose to be! Which is great after getting wireless and then having it repealed a day later. So...

Day 9: What genre of music do you dislike?
I don't completely dislike any specific genre of music. There are certain aspects to songs that I dislike more than others though. For example, I prefer to have a strong melody so I am not so fond of songs that have more screaming or speaking than singing. I also prefer songs with hidden meaning or clever references; especially if they reference classic literature.  But since I am friends with all sorts of people I have learned to like all sorts of music. I just have what artists make it on my music player and those who do not.

Bad news:
Leonardo Shakespeare Catapult Rat (Leo, my pet rat-- for those who have forgotten), passed away a few days ago. It was heartbreaking, a horrid end to the first day of the school year and just an over all sucky day. He was around three years old. Which is very old for rats. We also fear he had to high of CO2 intake when he was waiting to be rescued by firemen as well. He was clever and cleverly lazy as he got older. Because of the rash I started to develop whilst holding him, I have decided that rodents are not good pets for me. (This happened before with Guinea Pigs when I was younger.) RIP Leo. </3

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