Thursday, June 13, 2013

Unquiet Grave: Magenta

So a while back I bought the Unquiet Grave album from I-tunes, which claims to be the ultimate goth collection. It has tons of songs and a fairly cheap price, and I am always looking for new music so I jumped all over it. Slowly I've been going through the songs, deciding what I liked and what I didn't. I've been meaning to make posts about these bands, just in case you yourself haven't heard of them and want new music, I'm going to start off with just one: Magenta.

This is their song on the album 'Eccentricity':
Magenta is described as a "Norwegian electro-goth rock project founded in 1995 by future husband-and-wife Vilde Lockheart (voice) and Anders Odd1 (aka Odden, guitar, programming, and voice -- formerly with death metal pioneers Cadaver), with frequent support from Daniel Hill (guitar, backing vocals), and assorted guest musicians over the years." (Here)
I couldn't find a ton of information on them, they don't even have a working website that I could find, however because Eccentricity was featured in the ever popular movie Gypsy 83, they have a following. Gypsy 83 is a movie I plan on watching over this summer, but haven't seen as of yet. However I really do like this song, it has smooth echo-y vocals that easily gets stuck in your head. The lyrics are in english and are fairly understandable which is a plus in my mind. I kept it in my music banks, here are some other songs by them:
Secret Sky:
To Die For:

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  1. Personally....Personally...

    I really did NOT like that Gypsy 83 movie. Not one bit. It had great potential, especially in the beginning, until...stuff happened that is always a severe turn-off for me in movies. The same thing happened with The Rocky Horror Picture Show. *Tsk* Had so much potential...!