Sunday, June 10, 2012

Still Breathing

It's been forever since my last post so before I jump back into my semi-regular posting I thought I'd send a shout that I am still alive.
I have many posts to catch up on and much news to share, but here's a couple of quick things:

Around the time I was swept up by AP testing and finals and such I found out that I was accepted into the literary program of a small art school. The school day is a bit longer to compensate for the program's class on top of the normal high school classes but I've never heard any complaints about the longer school day and I'm absolutely ecstatic about being accepted in.

I've found Gwydion a new home that was perfect for him. The woman who bought him offered me another bird but after careful consideration I realized that not only did I not desire a new one, I also would be making a mistake to get one.
However, after a while the house seemed unbalanced. For over half my life we've had two cats, a dog, two birds and a small animal of some sort. After the usual pro/con arguments (and after seeing if I could afford it) I decided to get a Royal Python. I've always liked Royal Pythons because they have the beauty of large constrictor snakes in small packages but I hadn't worked with snakes all that much. Lizards yes, snakes no.
I fell in love with a baby Super Pastel Royal while I was visiting a reptile store in the city that also happens to be a reputable breeder thus Morpheus became a part of the household.

He's 11 months old now, I believe. He's very docile, slightly head-shy and nervous about being submerged into water. Sheds well, eats well, active, interested in his surroundings. I'd consider him sweet although snakes don't exactly love you like a kitten would.

I'm going to keep this post short because I have a bunch of other planned out posts to write and many of blogs to catch up on reading. Welcome to summer everyone, hope things are pleasant.

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