Saturday, June 16, 2012

Photography Soiree

A couple of months ago my photography partner thought it would be a wonderful idea for the two of us to break out our summer clothes and go take pictures at the nearby lake. Since I don't particularly love my picture taken, nor believe that March/April are summer months, I resisted against this suggestion. However I was persuaded in the end and we set out with my crappy camera.
Scenery shots:
I would've been happy with nature photos alone, but I was ultimately there to take my photography partner's picture, (She loves having her photograph taken). Because I didn't ask permission to put up pictures of her, I will only show two of my favorites:
And of course she insisted that she take pictures of me. I think together we took over two hundred photographs. Although it didn't seem like that many! I have to admit that despite the faint tan line and freezing cold water, I had fun hanging out with her. These ones are of me, taken by her:
I was so worried about falling off the tree and into the water, but the view that it gave was so lovely that I risked the life of my camera to take a picture of each side:

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